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The Kor Elite team brings together the industry’s leading sports practitioners to gain exposure to career changing events throughout the United States and around the world. Inspired by founder and owner Candice Renee Roberts, we are bridging the gap and challenging the model of what sports medicine and recovery can look like in diverse and innovative settings.

The foundation of this program was designed from over two decades of experience serving organizations and training camps for professional and everyday athletes during various stages of training, rehab, performance, and recovery regimens. Candice has worked on medical teams at events such as: Olympic Trials, Indoor Worlds, Dew Tour, NFL Combine, Junior Worlds, World Championships, NWSL Championship Finals. Candice also has worked in training camps with athletes from: NBA, WNBA, NFL, UFC, BMX, USATF, NWSL, and NHL.

Kor’s vision is to redefine and distribute sports medicine opportunities to practitioners from diverse disciplines. From there, Kor looks to curate and execute an all-inclusive, qualified, well-organized team experience for organizations who want to deliver an impactful performance and recovery program to their events. We are always looking to connect with practitioners interested in entering this space with us. 



The curated practitioners are trained on a proven blue-print of complementary treatments that do not disrupt implemented treatment plans and protocols. The versatile treatment templates accommodate both complementary work and have the capacity to quickly transition into performance and rehab needs. We also factor in an athlete’s general and sometimes specific mind, body, and lifestyle variables when creating a catered experience. 

Our preferred approach is to collaborate with outside medical and sports research teams to design an overall athlete experience vs. isolated service and treatment regimens. With each assignment, we implement a planning phase prior to the event to understand the needs and goals.The findings of this research are then articulated into a proposal outlining the recommended specialties, team(s), tools, technology, and treatment methods. Upon approval, Kor assembles a diverse team to execute on the catered athlete experience. We are known for challenging traditional protocols and have an attention to sensory details, which are often overlooked.



Kor offers an all-inclusive care team and catered template to allow organizations to scale and delegate the desired athlete experience. Our vetted and trained sports medicine practitioners assess and execute on the best treatment plan for the athlete. This is done through critical thinking and collaborating as a team to put athlete care at the center. A big part of this effort is understanding and respecting the dynamics of an athlete’s primary medical and care team. We bring elite level etiquette and professionalism to each event. In our experience, it is best practice to include a care team coordinator to plan and execute team management, schedule athlete care, and serve as a liaison with our clients. 

The Kor Elite Team is exposed to important insights when working one-on-one with each athlete. This information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. After each event, the entire team submits a summary of their learnings and opportunities to the care coordinator. These findings are then formatted into an invaluable debrief for organizational review and analysis.



Exposure and experience working on some of the most sought after sport event stages

Receive fair compensation,
while gaining resume and
event building

Learn about and how to implement unique treatment strategies in diverse settings

Expert training on treatment templates and refining soft skills  for elite level events

Collaborate with elite level practitioners in a team setting

Be a part of a community that is about elevating the athlete experience as well as the sports medicine profession

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with the Elite Kor Team coordinator who will handle all of the logistics (travel and lodging preparations, work itineraries, schedules, etc.)

Have your travel and lodging arranged and paid for on your behalf



  • 5+ years experience in discipline

  • 2+ years of professional sports medicine experience

  • Have an active U.S professional license in your discipline and be in good standing without any disciplinary license actions

  • Hold a current professional liability insurance policy 

  • No history of conviction of a felony

  • Have never had convictions or disciplines of any kind as a result of sexual or physical abuse, harassment, or substance abuse

  • 2 letters of recommendation from a sports medicine professional

  • Completion of required classes and certifications designated by Kor’s healthcare coordinator. 




Now accepting Kor Elite Team applications for Spring/Summer 2023!


Kor Elite Sports Philosophies and Protocols class.


Kor Bodywork and Wellness, LLC was founded in 2008.
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