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Our Kor team is always looking to expand with talented practitioners who are passionate about helping the community and are driven to expand their knowledge and skillset. Kor Bodywork & Wellness was established in 2013, as a well known private practice in the Nike and medical community. Since then, it has evolved to serve the wider public and lead elite medical teams at special events. Kor’s innovative philosophy is built on advanced knowledge and intuitive experience in listening to the body through connected anatomical systems and pattern recognition.



  • 2+ years of experience

  • Have an active professional license and be in good standing without any disciplinary license actions in the state of Oregon

  • Hold a current professional liability insurance policy

  • Preferred advanced experience in sports massage and structural integration

  • Desired but not required experience in craniosacral and/or visceral manipulation

  • Strong communication skills, and bedside manner

  • Understands corporate and medical setting

  • Advanced anatomical knowledge and understanding

  • Desired continued education and collaborative approach

Kor Bodywork and Wellness, LLC was founded in 2008.

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